I have been called every name under the sun. I have had people try to destroy me and those who were meant to love me didn’t. I have hurt people because I was hurt and I’ve also been the victim of other hurt people because hurt people hurt people.

 I know what it feels like to make huge mistakes and make them again because I was trapped in a world where my thoughts were moving so fast I couldn’t think to act so I acted out of character. I know what it feels like to be the poor kid who always had less; I always got less out of life no matter how much I put in.  I know what it feels like to be short changed. I was bullied so much growing up that it has consumed enough of my childhood memories.

From a young age I was making decisions on what time I would leave school… Go to school, I was deciding if I even wanted to go to school. My point is I had a choice when I shouldn’t have.

 From a young age I was making decisions and living a life in a world I had no idea about. I had to adapt to survive. From young I knew how to change around people in order to fit it in. I was so used to being alone that I was willing to be around the wrong people just to feel a part of something.  Sad but true, I was playing life with the cards god had dealt me. The way I was acting sometimes wasn’t who I was but simply who I had to be.

I didn’t have time to think about what I needed for my future because I was too busy trying to get what I need to survive for the now I have found myself at a milestone to start my life again with everything I have gained and lost… number who’s this? J

I’ve realized its all about your mindset, we always think we know it all but we don’t and I don’t think we ever do. Maybe there isn’t actually anything to actually get but instead embrace everything.  I find it exhausting living in this generation. We live in a generation where we admire the fake. We support the wrong people and pay attention to the wrong things. Where we are so busy being consumed by what we think we should have we forgotten what we really should have.

 Some of the greatest equities and resource that you can have in the world is relationships. So if you are not relational you are losing resource. Nothing can be fruitful by itself. Everything happens through partnerships.  Until you understand your purpose you will never be profitable once you understand purpose your mind can conceive the ability to partner.

The greater the pressure the more we isolate ourselves, and every time you isolate yourself you terminate your dreams because no dream is achievable by yourself. I often isolated myself but never realized that each time I did that I was terminating my dreams. I was trying to figure out what I want from life and what my purpose was.  You reach the breaking point when you have maxed out on the level you are on and you find yourself critically trying to figure out how to get to the next level in your life. How I managed the critical mass of my previous years will determine how I break through my next level.

Everything that I just went through was to prepare me for this level. Strategic alliances are orchestrated by god. He places you into relationships that you have no idea how a person like you has ended up in a relationship like this, but how you manage that relationship will determine what you get out of it. If you are too busy for the relationship, you are too busy for your resources because your resources come from your relationships.  I can’t wait to create new relationships with people and constantly work at the once I already have. No one is perfect  we all have a dark side.  You can’t leave your dark side behind because god is going to use your strengths and weakness to get you to where you need to be. You strength is going to make you tough enough to get there and your weakness is going to keep you humble after you have arrived. By being exposed to trouble from young god has distanced my time from being on the edge. “God can only promote you based on your ability to pain”.

The good news is the bad news is wrong, despite how bad you think things are or have been. They could always have been worse and you made it through.  I have a blessed attitude, this is where you are eagle eyed visioned. Willing to lose the battle to win the war.  When you choose your relationships with people make sure that they have had something to die in their life. If they have never had anything to die they tend to have an annoying optimism.  When taking advice and listening to criticism we make sure it’s from a person who’s been where we’ve been.  If they haven’t They won’t be able to understand what you’re enduring no matter how many books they read or deep quotes they put up doesn’t mean they are right on how you should live your life.

I am using this milestone to be my season; I don’t have time to talk about my time. I have enough wisdom to do it over but not enough time. I have no anger in my heart from the past because nothing just happens. It was all for a reason and I have taken the lesson out of each experience. Your destiny isn’t tied to anything that has left. You have to know when something is over. And this chapter is done; I’m ready for a new one. #Chapter25

It doesn’t matter where you start but where you finish.


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